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    To qualify for the California Medical Marijuana Programs, you need to initiate a meeting with a doctor who is enrolled in the MMJ recommendation program. You can register online to gain access to Medical Cannabis in Glendale from a telemedicine clinic. Once the doctor examines the symptoms, and recommend medical marijuana for the condition, you’ll qualify for the program.

    Usually, marijuana can be used for many health conditions like insomnia, anxiety, back pain, seizures, tendinitis, HIV, AIDS, depression and more. 420 med evaluations can help you obtain marijuana for your health conditions. Once you are authorized, you can buy MMJ from state’s weed dispensaries near you and also explore differently marijuana strains that can benefit your condition. With our 420 card, patients can determine if marijuana can benefit their medical condition.

    Our doctors provide the most helpful and useful approach to the evaluation of medical marijuana online with a few hours verification endorsement by email or telephone as well as having a physical copy shipped directly to your house within days. This ensures that your medical records are secured safely.

    How to Obtain Medical Cannabis Card in Glendale?

    There are three steps you There need to take in order to obtain a Glendale Medical Marijuana Card.

    Make an Appointment

    The first step you need to take is make an appointment. For that, simply fill out our form, and our experienced staff will call you to evaluate your condition. It just takes a couple of minutes.

    Talk to 420 Doctor

    Our certified doctors will write you a recommendation, and then you will then receive your MMJ card via PDF in your e-mail. With our team of top certified doctors, you can rest assure that you will get the top quality of care.

    Receive your Card

    If you are making an appointment online, then our doctors will evaluate you on a video call. They will ask you health-related questions, and based on your answers; they will provide recommendation and issue you your Medical cannabis card in Glendale

    Importance of Medical Marijuana Card

    Marijuana patients in Glendale are not allowed to buy marijuana without recommendation and MMJ card. There are some strict rules to buy medical marijuana. You need a qualified 420 doctor to make a legal determination. This is a letter that your doctor provides you after analyzing your condition and give you consent to use the substance within the state. Some people also need cannabis card renewal online in Glendale with a licensed doctor which allow them to visit local medical marijuana dispensaries in California.

    Telemedicine Available

    Are you suffering from chronic and severe pain? Or are you experiencing anxiety or depression due to your illness? Medical Marijuana is the solution to your condition. 

    Medical Marijuana helps you to manage various health conditions. The most common ones are AIDS, Arthritis, Seizures, Glaucoma, Chronic Pain, Muscle spasms, Cancer, and more. Even if you are suffering from anxiety and stress, Medical Marijuana works as a stress buster. However, it will not completely treat your condition, but helps you to manage it.

    If you are residing in Glendale and seeking to buy medical marijuana, then you need to get a Medical Cannabis Card in Glendale. This card can be obtained after getting a medical marijuana recommendation from a reputed and certified doctor. At Fast Marijuana Card Glendale, we provide a comfortable and discrete environment for qualifying patients to acquire their medical cards via the state’s program. Our Glendale 420 card recommendations are provided by approved and qualified medical cannabis doctors. We focus on medical marijuana evaluations and pain management online through telemedicine technology online in Glendale, California.

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    We provide renewals, growers licenses as well as new MMJ cards..

    Benefits of Having an Medical Marijuana Card in Glendale

    Medical cannabis has finally made its entry into the mainstream medical market. Each passing day is bringing in more doctors who are comfortable with recommending medical cannabis to their patients. There are various benefits that come with a medical marijuana card.

    Guaranteed Savings

    An MMJ card can help you save a lot of money. This is especially applicable if you have a medical condition and need to buy marijuana frequently to alleviate your condition. Costs quickly add up if you are a medical user. MMJ card grants you a tax break to help save money.

    Access To More Products

    Even in states where medical marijuana is legal, there are plenty of dispensaries that only stock and sell medical marijuana. To gain access to these dispensaries one needs to get a medical marijuana recommendation. Additionally, you also gain access to a variety of price options and locations with an MMJ card.

    Age Limit

    Recreational cannabis is only available to adults over the age of 21. On the other hand, medical marijuana can be used by anyone over the age of 18 with the help of a medical marijuana card.

    Higher Possession Limit

    The possession limit for recreational users is capped at 1 ounce whereas a medical user can carry up to 8 ounces.

    Legal Access

    A medical marijuana card can often be the difference between a misdemeanor and walking free. Especially when you are driving or flying with medical marijuana. You get peace of mind along with a higher purchase, carry and grow limit.

    You Can Grow More

    In Glendale, recreational users can grow 6 plants. But as a medical marijuana user, you are allowed to grow twice that amount. You can grow even more if you apply for and get approved for a special growers license.

    Telemedicine Now Available

    Due to the nature of the current COVID-19 pandemic, we are focusing on providing video consultations for Medical Marijuana evaluations as the safety and accessibility to cannabis should be made available for everyone regardless of the current situation.

    Reasons to Choose Us


    At Fast Marijuana Card Glendale, we’ll not only provide your MMJ card, but also provide services to help you with card renewal, and growers license. Our main aim is to provide you with the right health care services you need. Our 420 card enables you to access quality strains in Glendale.

    Easy & Simple Process

    The recommendation process they follow is quite simple, quick and effective. Our staff and doctor will ask a few relevant questions to the patients to analyze their condition and provide them with recommendations. Our doctors are knowledgeable and friendly, ensuring you get the treatment you deserve.

    Professional Staff

    We have a team of certified and qualified MMJ doctors who provide great recommendations to the patients. With years of expertise and knowledge, we ensure to provide state-of-art facilities to our patients, ensuring that they feel valued and safe with us. Our friendly staff is friendly and provide the best assistance patients are looking for.

    Our Happy Customers

    They are professional, personal, and provide great care for all their patients. The wait was really short and the doctor was nice. I highly recommend this place for all your recommendation needs.

    Evelyn Jimenez

    This has to be the best place to make your way to if you are looking for a medical marijuana card. The pricing is fair and the experience is exceptional.

    Debra Peters

    Very sweet and professional people. The doctor was really informative and patient while I explained my condition. The price was decent as well. Overall a pretty good place to get your medical marijuana card.

    Mark Martinez


    Frequently Asked Questions

    The state to state rules vary on this matter but in Glendale, you can get a medical marijuana card online. Our telemedicine platform is HIPAA compliant which means that all your information is safe with us.
    A medical marijuana card is valid for a year from the date of issue, beyond this one needs to get a renewal.
    No, unfortunately as long as cannabis remains a scheduled substance on a federal level, it is going to be tough to find any insurance provider to cover the cost of cannabis as a medicine.
    Qualifying conditions of every state is based on the legislature passed. One can find the qualifying conditions of Glendale in California Proposition 215 along with Senate Bill 420. Some of the most common qualifying conditions include HIV/AIDS, Cachexia, Arthritis, Anorexia, Chronic pain, and persistent muscle spasms.
    It is not important to get a medical marijuana card but it is advised that one gets an MMJ card as it brings a large number of benefits along with it.
    No, we are 100% HIPAA compliant and so your information will not be shared with anybody.

    Pricing Packages​

    Renewal Patient

    - Regularly $49 -
    Get back to us for a marijuana renewal at least 30 days before the expiry date of your last mmj card
    Extend your validity for another year.



    MMJ Recommendations + ID Card

    - Regularly $90 -
    You will get a digital copy and a physical medical marijuana card.
    Get one-year validity to buying from any state-licensed marijuana dispensaries.



    New Patient's

    - Regularly $69.99 -
    Yearly You will get a digital copy of a medical cannabis card.
    Get one-year validity for accessing MMJ products for your medical condition.



    Marijuana Grower License

    - Regularly $300 -
    Extend your growing limits to approximately 100 square feet.
    You can grow quality medical marijuana strains for managing your medical condition.