Smoking Cannabis: Learn About The Different Methods

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8 Different Ways For Smoking Cannabis


When it comes to delivering cannabis to your body, the options are limitless. Edibles, joints, topicals and the list goes on. Out of these dozens of different delivery methods, the most common way of cannabis consumption is inhaling or smoking. This preference could be because of the common association of cannabis with a rolled up joint which is why people choose the more familiar method instead of the lesser known ones.  Also, some people consider it to be more convenient as well as affordable. 

But even with such preference over other delivery methods, not a lot of people are aware that smoking can be done in ways other than just a joint or a vape pen. So if you’ve decided to choose smoking after completing your 420 evaluations in Glendale, take some time to go through the following different ways to find a method that can suit you the best.


Joints were one of the first ways used for smoking cannabis. So it makes sense that I begin the list with it. If you are considering smoking cannabis then you may already know about joints. These are the most easily available types of delivery methods. Joints have the appearance of a cigarette and are also used the same way. The only difference is that joints only contain cannabis. 

Rolled up joints from a licensed dispensary are the best option if you are a beginner. With time and experience, you can try rolling a joint on your own. Ask the budtender of the dispensary or a person with prior experience to learn about all the essentials you’ll need for rolling a joint. Just make sure that you are careful with your dose. If it gets confusing, you can open up a tutorial online to roll your first joint.


Blunts are very similar to a joint. Both contain cannabis and have to be lit up. The only difference is that if joints are like cigarettes, blunts are like cigars. Blunts use cigar papers for rolling which makes it longer and thicker than a joint. You can however pack the blunt according to your preference. So blunts can be thick like a cigar or thin and long like a straw. 

If you like to have longer sessions, blunts are a better option than a joint. The thickness and cigar paper increase the burn time of a blunt and make it last for a long time. If you are not a fan of tobacco or nicotine, blunts may not be the best choice. The cigar wraps contain some amount of tobacco which can increase the overall buzz from cannabis. 


Many medical cannabis consumers prefer vaping over smoking a joint. The main reason being that vaping is comparatively safer than smoking. While the smoke from a joint contains plant material, tar and other chemicals, vapors are free from such harmful chemicals. 

Vaping also delivers more potent effects because it retains up to 95 percent of THC and terpenes because of its temperature control feature. Most of both THC and terpenes burn off in the combustion involved with a joint. However, vaping can become a health risk too if you do not pay attention to the quality of your vaping device. Cheaper versions raise the risk of contamination with pesticides and other harmful chemicals that can even become fatal if used for a long time. 

The cannabis industry has evolved many types of vape pens that you can easily find from your nearest vaporizer store. You can choose from a variety that ranges from disposable options to high end varieties with automatic temperature control features. 


If you go around looking for bongs, you can find a variety of shapes and sizes. It can be a small bubble or a large glass tube. But regardless of the size, all bongs serve the purpose of filtering and cooling the smoke using water for a cool experience. 

Bongs generally have a small bowl where you light up the cannabis buds. As you inhale the smoke the water at the bottom bubbles which cools down the smoke. So what you’ll inhale will be a sool burst of cannabinoids that will give you a smooth experience. Bongs are generally preferred by people who love to have larger puffs. 


If you like using different types of concentrates then dabbing is the right choice for you. It’s not something a beginner should use as it can take some time to get used to. But for when you feel like trying a different method, give dabbing a chance.

The process involves a dabbing rig and a nail where you heat the concentrate and inhale the smoke through the dab rig. This process delivers potent effects because the concentrates are usually high in THC. So dabbing can be the right choice for someone who needs to have stronger effects. 

The extraction process of cannabis concentrates is tricky and if not done right can also be harmful. So make sure to buy your concentrates only from a trustworthy source and never try making one at your home.

Tips For Smoking Medical Cannabis Properly

Smoking is the easiest way of consuming cannabis. It delivers the effects almost instantly and is easy to dose too. This is what makes it one of the best options for beginners. 

But along with all the positive aspects of smoking, it’s important that you do not ignore the other side. Smoking cannabis will help you medically only if you do it the right way. So here are a few tips that will help you have a successful first session.

  • Do not go all out in your first session. You do not have to smoke out an entire joint. If you start feeling the effects you need, just stop at the right time. Learn to identify your limits. 
  • Make sure you are inhaling cannabis using the right technique. If it’s wrong, you may not feel any effects on your body.
  • Smoke in a safe place with someone you can trust. For people who do not have a history with cannabis, it can get out of hand.
  • Be prepared for the effects of cannabis. A euphoric high, fatigue, impaired reflexes and loss of perception are common effects of cannabis. 
  • Cannabis does have side effects. As you keep consuming cannabis, you may develop bloodshot eyes, dry mouth and an increase in hunger. These are very common among regular cannabis consumers. In some cases, smoking cannabis may also cause some lightheadedness and confusion the next morning.
  • Only use cannabis from a licensed store or dispensary because bad cannabis can harm your health. Licensed sellers assure the quality and safety of cannabis products. 
  • With continuous use, your body will develop tolerance to cannabis. So you’ll be able to have longer sessions and higher doses. But if the indulgence increases, you may need to take a tolerance break.
  • In the present times of the pandemic, avoid sharing your joint, vape pens or pipes with others. Also, keep your stash and other cannabis accessories out of reach of others. 

Smoking cannabis is indeed an easy way to begin the journey into medical cannabis. Now that you know the different methods of smoking, take the time to do your research and choose one that will be beneficial for your medical condition.

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