Use These Tricks to Break Down Cannabis Without a Grinder

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Break Down Cannabis Without a Grinder Using These Tricks

Use These Tricks to Break Down Cannabis Without a Grinder

Every cannabis smoker wants to have the best experience when it comes to smoking cannabis. And to have a great smoking session, you need to be prepared for your session. Whether you want to smoke cannabis for medical purposes or recreational purposes, preparing yourself is important. You can consult a 420 doctor to get your MMJ card if you want to smoke cannabis for medical use. When it comes to preparing for a perfect cannabis smoking experience, a few smoking accessories can really help you. One such tool is a cannabis grinder.

A grinder enhances your smoking experience by grinding your cannabis with ease and it also saves a lot of time. Now almost every cannabis smoker takes the help of a grinder in order to grind their buds. And not finding the grinder at right can even ruin the mood of smoking cannabis for some. If you are also not able to find your grinder while you are all set to smoke cannabis, don’t worry. I am here to help you. There are various other ways to break down your cannabis without using a grinder. So, here is a list of some of the best tricks for you to break down your cannabis when you do not have a grinder.

Trick 1. Breaking Down Cannabis With Your Hands

Sounds obvious, isn’t it? But sometimes it is better to just go back to the basics. Before grinders became famous, cannabis smokers loved breaking down cannabis using their fingers only. It is still one of the favorite ways to break down cannabis for many cannabis enthusiasts. Breaking down cannabis with hands is also very simple. You just have to make a bowl-like shape with your one hand. And then start picking apart cannabis with your other hand.

While it is a simple method, the process is a bit tedious. Also, you will have to deal with the resin that builds up around your hands afterward. But you can use this resin to your advantage. Take a credit card or a key and scrape this resin off your hands. Then smoke it in a joint or a bong to get some extra kick. Trust me, you won’t regret it.

Trick 2. Using Pieces of Parchment Paper

If you are not willing to get your hands dirty in order to break down your cannabis, you can take the help of parchment paper. You just need a few pieces of parchment paper to use them as barriers between your hands and cannabis.

You can use any other paper product for this, but it is advisable to use parchment paper. The main reason for using parchment paper is its waxy surface. This keeps everything from sticking. By using parchment paper, you won’t have to deal with removing the sticky resin from your hand.

Trick 3. A Coin And a Container

This is my favorite trick to break down cannabis without using a grinder. The process is simple and helps you break down even dense or moist cannabis buds. You just need a clean coin and a sturdy container for this method.

Put your buds inside the container and then throw the coin inside as well. Seal the lid of the container, and start giving it a good shake. The coin will thrash around inside the container and will bash against cannabis. The thrashing coin will tear through cannabis in the confined space.

Trick 4. Grinding Cannabis Using a Coffee Grinder

This is the best way to grind cannabis if you have large quantities of cannabis. If you consume cannabis for medical purposes after getting your MMJ card from a 420 doctor, then you probably use less quantity of cannabis. For that, the above mentioned will also work amazingly. But if you have large quantities of cannabis, those tricks will not be that efficient. This is where a coffee grinder will help you. Simply put your cannabis in the grind and start grinding. It’s just like grinding your coffee beans.

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