420 Evaluations Glendale Can Improve Your Life During COVID-19

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Cannabis Can Enhance Your Life During COVID-19

Cannabis and Covid 19

COVID-19 has been a major barrier for all of us. Much of our life has changed and we are grim about the future. With constant risk to the health, there is a visible rise in mental health cases. 420 evaluations in Glendale can provide you with some relief by giving you access to cannabis. The herb has properties that make it ideal for managing a lot of health conditions. 

What Problems Are People Facing Now?

Due to COVID-19, there is a visible shift in the way we behave. Plus, there is a general sense of anxiety due to rising cases. As a result, what we are seeing is a mental health crisis. It’s not just limited to that, issues like obesity, diabetes, and heart disease are also on the rise. Top reasons for this includes a sedentary lifestyle and unhealthy eating habits. But there is also an impending financial crunch that’s making people stressed. As a result, the quality of life has degraded. Well, cannabis can be of great help. 

How Can Cannabis Help?

Cannabis is loaded with properties that make it an ideal choice for managing a lot of health conditions. Through its beneficial properties, it can enhance the quality of life in quarantine. Here is how it helps: 

1) Pain Management

Living with pain can be really challenging. Considering the fact that we are battling a pandemic, it can make things worse. So, you need a solution that works. Prescription-based painkillers work but come with the harmful side-effects. This includes the risk of addiction, or dependence. Cannabis is something which is natural and effective. Active compounds THC and CBD interact with the endocannabinoid system and channel the flow of beneficial hormones in the body. They have the anti-inflammatory properties that works in managing pain. Plus, it changes the way your brain responds to pain. So, you feel a general sense of relief from pain. 

2) Battles Appetite Loss

If you are battling a condition like cancer, AIDS, or nausea, you might lose the urge to eat due to medications. Food is very important to boost the overall immunity of your body. So, you cannot afford to risk your immunity. You have probably heard about the munchies. Cannabis triggers the release of a hormone known as ghrelin that stimulates your hunger. So, cannabis can help you eat more by stimulating your appetite. 

3) Manages Diabetes

Diabetes is a major coronavirus commorbidity and can make things very complex. This means that if you test positive for COVID-19, and you have diabetes, chances of fatality increase. Research shows that cannabis can do wonders in regulating blood sugar. Similarly, it can battle arterial inflammation and act as a vasodilator to channel better bloodflow throughout the body. So, by managing diabetes, cannabis can actually reduce your risk of COVID-19

4) It Manages Stress

Cannabis is a great relaxant. THC is psychoactive and produces a relaxing high that brings a sense of mental ease. Similarly, CBD relaxes you but without the intoxication.  With various neuro protective properties, cannabis brings a sense of mental clarity. In absence of stress, you can function much better. 

How to Use Cannabis During The Pandemic?

Just like everything else, the approach towards using cannabis also needs to change. Although smoking is a popular way to ingest cannabis, it’s not a safe choice during the pandemic. That’s because smoking inflames your lungs and makes you susceptible to contracting the virus. So, you should avoid it during this pandemic. Explore options like edibles, tinctures, topicals, sprays, and oils that are a safer choice than smoking. 

420 Evaluations in Glendale

Medical marijuana evaluations allow you to interact with certified cannabis doctors who can screen your health and inform you about the full-spectrum of benefits that the herb carries. They can also educate you about the right approach towards using cannabis during the pandemic. The evaluation also allows you get an MMJ card if you qualify. Here is the process: 

1) Fill up The Form 

Start by filling a simple application form that contains your basic details, information about health history, and documentation. The clinic goes through your details and introduces you to a certified cannabis doctor, 

2) Interact With The Doctor

The doctor interacts with you via video call and tries to understand your health. The main aim of this process is to check if you have a qualifying medical condition that can be managed with the help of cannabis. 

3) Get Your Card

If you qualify, the doctor approves your request and you get your MMJ card that you can use to source medical cannabis. 
So, 420 evaluations in Glendale can help you dive into a better cannabis experience. You can use the herb to bring a positive change in your mental health and an overall sense of ease during the pandemic.

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