5 Reasons Behind CBD’s Fast-Growing Popularity

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What Is the Reason Behind CBDs’ Fast-Growing Popularity?


There is no doubt about the fact that CBD has gained immense popularity in the past few years. All thanks to Dr. Sanjay Gupta who successfully documented the life journey of Charlotte Figi. A girl who brought a new wave of CBD and helped people recognize its therapeutic potential. If you look at today’s CBD market, you will be surprised to see the impact of this non-psychoactive compound. As of today, the US cannabis market is expected to surpass $20 billion by 2024. Overall, it looks like the CBD industry is here to stay and grow despite the discrepancies in law. 

In essence, CBD gained its popularity because of its non-psychoactive nature. This means that you can use CBD to calm your nerves and alleviate pain without feeling intoxicated. More vitally, CBD can also help treat conditions such as severe forms of epilepsy and anxiety. So, patients who visit a medical cannabis clinic in Glendale to get a recommendation must wonder how a single compound inspires a million-dollar industry? Read on to find out. 

The Hemp Farm Bill 

After the Farm Bill became law in 2018, CBD received recognition and the law became a driving force behind its immense popularity. The law discussed various nuances of CBD derived from hemp and removed it from the category of schedule 1 controlled substances. The Farm Bill also states that CBD derived from hemp must contain less than or equal to 0.3% THC. This means that CBD with more than 0.3% THC will naturally fall under the illegal category. 

The bill became a law because of CBDs therapeutic potential backed by scientific proof. A plethora of studies has shown how CBD can act as an anti-inflammatory agent. Several other properties have also been taken into account and helped the cannabis community treat a wide range of medical conditions through licensed recommendations. 

Not only this but when the bill became law, it enabled the hemp farmers to avail of financial services without having to worry about a possible arrest. As of today, the hemp business has become a vital agricultural commodity. 

CBD Provides Various Health Benefits

If you do a quick search about CBD, you will come across a wide range of studies. Take this study as an example. It talks about the effectiveness of CBD and its ability to reduce pain. In fact, you will also come across various other studies investigating the nature of CBD concerning a specific medical condition. The amount of scientific interest and research papers on CBD indicate that this new kid in the block has managed to attract several industries. 

The cosmetic industry, in particular, big brands such as Sephora only recently launched a new line of CBD products. Largely because of CBDs’ anti-inflammatory and antioxidant properties. You also need to understand that there is a lot of scientific interest surrounding CBD. That’s because CBD has helped several patients alleviate symptoms of state-qualified medical conditions. Patients report that they have witnessed significant improvement in conditions such as anxiety and chronic pain after administering CBD. 

In addition to this, CBDs’ ability to interact with the natural receptors also drives the attention of researchers and scientists. All in all, substances with therapeutic potential deserve a chance to be studied, and researchers on a large scale. After all, CBD is already being used to alleviate the symptoms of so many conditions. Yes, we still require more research, but scientific interest is a major contributing factor to CBDs’ popularity. 

Decreased Stigma 

Cannabis has received tremendous acknowledgment in the past few years. However, it still lives under the shadow of stigmatization. All thanks to the people who do not believe in the therapeutic benefits of CBD. Some people think that CBD is used as an excuse by cannabis consumers to get high. The reason why it is still viewed as a drug and harmful substance in the eyes of the people. 

In contrast, if we look at the positive sides, you will see people advocating its use as a non-psychoactive compound of the cannabis plant. More vitally, people no longer think of marijuana as a substance that makes you high. In the US hemp is viewed as an agricultural crop with therapeutic properties. On top of it, licensed doctors who provide recommendations also educate people on cannabis and its use. Awareness programs like these help people understand the composition of the cannabis plant. Even though THC is one of the major components of the cannabis plant, despite this distinctive character many people understand that these days cannabis products are engineered to meet specific medical requirements. 

It Is a Modern Alternative to Existing Medicines

The opioid crisis is a major problem. If you look at the rate of deaths and addiction due to opioids you will be surprised. It’s hard to deny that opioids are not effective, but the side effects of opioids include addiction. Eventually, addiction leads to dependency and it becomes very difficult for a patient to move on to a different treatment plan. As a result, patients start looking for an alternative treatment method. 

Enter CBD: the wellness culture that led to the uprising of the cannabis industry will definitely attract patients seeking a different treatment plan. And why not, CBD has no side effects and you cannot get addicted to consuming CBD. In fact, you are more likely to receive benefits after consuming a medically supervised dose. 

Technological Advances in the Making of CBD

CBD growers, producers, and manufacturers know that CBDs bioavailability has become more important in recent times. People know a lot about cannabis and how it can help them. On top of it, patients seek high-quality products with lab reports. So, products developed with the help of nanotechnology enables companies to create a strong marketing campaign. These campaigns have attracted patients who look for specific things in a product. Not only this, but genetically engineered products are a perfect example of a wellness solution. 

These products uniquely appeal to the mass. They have attractive packaging and come with specific instructions. Impressive technological integrations allow CBD companies to change the way people think about cannabis. They provide them with options. From CBD oils to creams and gummies – people can choose from a wide variety of options from the cbd store. And of course, you can even choose the product based on the method of consumption. 

Final Thoughts 

While CBD is a gigantic grey area in terms of its legal aspect, it looks like it hasn’t stopped the industry from growing. The only problem is the FDA’s non-regulatory stand. In other words, the FDA does not regulate CBD even after knowing that hemp-derived CBD is legal. The main reason behind this discrepancy is that the FDA is still researching and studying CBD along with other components. After all, the 0.3% threshold is consistent with the law. 

So, does that mean that CBD will lose its popularity? Definitely not because CBDs efficiency will always remain a part of the debate and questioning trend. As long as the industry has strong followers with people who believe in its therapeutic properties, the companies can relax and navigate through uncharted waters as before. The bottom line is that with consistent research, marketing campaigns, and legalization, this wonderful compound has a long way ahead of itself.  If you need more information on CBD and its therapeutic properties, you can get in touch with a medical cannabis clinic in Glendale.

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